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Map of travels




Greenland CUADRADO blanca

Kalaallit Nunaat is the way Inuit people call their land, what foreigners named Greenland. These memories are the gift Inuit land gave me after sailing in zodiac boat, kayaking through amazing fjords and hiking along wild valleys and glaciers. (see more)



Tatemae SOHO ingl


Japanese culture always fascinated me. I aimed to highlight Honne-Tatemae duality, a concept deeply rooted in this unique society, and quite uneasy for occident mentality. (see more)




Svalbard CUADRADO02

Svalbard is the most northern archipielago inhabited. Historically, many expeditions to the conquest of North Pole departed from this land. The proper word that describes Savlbard is «wild». Coming here is such an experience; to do it by sailing in a schooner is  unique. (see more)




Madagascar CUADRADO blanco

Have you ever take a train that you don’t know when will it depart, when will it arrive or how many times will it stop because any broken piece…? If you like that kind of adventure don’t miss the called ‘jungle train’ from Fianarantsoa to Manakara. (see more)




Lofoten CUADRADA blanca01

In my opinion, Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Lofoten Islands are a hidden jewel where you can enjoy, not only  breathtaking landscapes by day  but,  if lucky, stunning auroras by night. Let me share some with you. (see more)




nueva cabecera SOHO KUNGSLEDEN ingles

Some magic places demand your  comfort, but in exchange, they gift you freedom and self confidence. It’s a fair deal. Crossing Swedish Lapland on snowshoes is a way to do this. (see more)





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